Cooperation with external organizers


Sell tickets both online and in-store for your events with the Toruń Symphony Orchestra!


We use the iKSORIS system which is supported by some of the largest cultural institutions in Poland.

By partnering with the Toruń Symphony Orchestra under a sales contract, you can benefit from:


  • Sale of tickets for both numbered and non-numbered seats
  • Creating and editing current and upcoming ticketed events
  • Cashless payment handling at the box office
  • Management of individual and group client reservations
  • Automatic emailing of tickets and booking confirmations to clients after purchase
  • Automatic issuance of receipts and invoices for online sales
  • Generation of cash, sales, financial reports, attendance reports, and settlements for organized events at the Organizer’s request
  • Quick implementation of the Organizer’s discounts and rebates
  • Quick purchase of tickets without additional handling fees for the Organizer's clients



Contact for Organizers:

Małgorzata Działdowska


tel.: +48 56 642 4379